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Set Up A Local Event and Make a Difference in 5 minutes. You need a public location, qualified volunteers to teach the 2-Step process, a few supplies and some time to plan for it.

Texas Two-Step helps people open up to learning the process without being intimidated by CPR because of the many steps involved. Research has demonstrated that hands-only CPR, which is easily taught and remembered by people of all ages, is just as effective as traditional CPR with breathing.


You can help overcome the biggest challenge - educating the general public in rapid recognition of cardiac arrest and doing the two step. Education and awareness is our primary goal.


Join us by filling out the interest form - one of our team will reach out to you to help you bring this fast and simple process to your location! Whether you set up a training that educates 50 people or 1,000, you will make an immediate difference and add to the over 10,000 people already trained by Texas Two Step.


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