Texas Two Step is a free 5-minute training session in hands-only CPR designed to teach participants how to potentially save a life:


Step #1: Call 911.


Step #2: Push hard and fast on the center of the chest until help arrives.



T: 212-742-2875 (HealthCorps)

E: TexasTwoStepCPR@gmail.com

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National Texas Two Step CPR is an annual event aimed at engaging the public and educating them on the benefits of compressions-only/hands-only CPR. Since inception, this project has trained over 18,500 in proper compressions-only CPR technique, with the help of 700 medical students each year.


As the name implies, National Texas Two Step CPR consists of two steps:


1) Call 911


2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives


Hands-only CPR is easy to learn and can be performed by the layperson in emergency situations to buy time for a loved one until emergency medical services arrive.




Medical students, volunteers, high profile personalities like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daria Gillespie, Dr. Randall Wolf,

Dr. Heather Owen and Dr. Arlo Weltge; Broadway Performer Stepp Stewart and the Atlanta Hawks ATL Dancers and Harry the Hawk Mascot; schools, hospitals, malls, community groups, television affiliates, local businesses and wellness non-profits.

The event is organized by:

  • The National Texas Two Step CPR Board of Directors (consisting of medical student leaders)

  • First Impact, National 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting leadership and service for young healthcare students

  • HealthCorps.org, National 501(c)(3), founded in 2003 dedicated to giving youth across America life-saving skills in fitness, nutrition and resilience