National Two Step CPR is an annual event aimed at engaging the public and educating them on the benefits of compressions-only/hands-only CPR. Since inception, this project has trained over 18,500 in proper compressions-only CPR technique, with the help of 700 medical students each year.


As the name implies, National Two Step CPR consists of two steps:


1) Call 911


2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives


Hands-only CPR is easy to learn and can be performed by the layperson in emergency situations to buy time for a loved one until emergency medical services arrive.




Medical students, volunteers, high profile personalities like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daria Gillespie, Dr. Randall Wolf,

Dr. Heather Owen and Dr. Arlo Weltge; Broadway Performer Stepp Stewart and the Atlanta Hawks ATL Dancers and Harry the Hawk Mascot; schools, hospitals, malls, community groups, television affiliates, local businesses and wellness non-profits.

The event is organized by:

  • The National Two Step CPR Board of Directors (consisting of medical student leaders)

  • First Impact, National 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting leadership and service for young healthcare students

  • HealthCorps.org, National 501(c)(3), founded in 2003 dedicated to giving youth across America life-saving skills in fitness, nutrition, mental resilience, and community engagement 


Board of Directors

The 2021 Two Step CPR Board of Directors consists of student leaders from medical schools across the country.

Hannah Fairley


 Zachary McConnell


Claudia Trilles

Fundraising and Finance

Luke Wohlford

Sites and Logistics

Rida Javaid


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Ginna Lowe

PR and Marketing

Chloe Fernandez


Sarah Luke

TMA Liaison

Weldon Allen

Chair Emeritus

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Bruno Arce

Chair Emeritus

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Dr. Shyam Murali

Chair Emeritus

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Emily Smith

Chair Emeritus

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#TwoStepCPR is a free 5-minute training session in hands-only CPR designed to teach participants how to potentially save a life:


Step #1: Call 911.


Step #2: Push hard and fast on the center of the chest until help arrives.


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